Nature Holidays

Nature Holidays

 Green Hero Project promotes nature holidays to individuals and groups through organic farming, culinary tourism,  complementary therapies, courses and seminars. We provide knowledge-based information via online as well as first hand practical and theoretical experience on the ground. Our work is primarily aimed at teaching others to live healthier and more green through different disciplines: ecology/ eco-therapies, herbal medicine, organic and social farming and olive farming. We do this through our courses and seminars. Our core approach is coaching others on a personal level doing practical activities in nature.

We developed the interdisciplinary concept of farming for life, showing people how to do farming not only with a productive aim, but also with a 360 degrees purpose: emotional, spiritual and ecological.

Farming for life has a multiple meaning for us and encompasses different disciplines, where farming is just one of the starting points to enter in a deep contact with what Mother Nature offers to us..

Farming for life, on the other hand, literally provides with agricultural produce on the ground, following the principles of food sovereignty and self-sustainability. We generate funds not only for the continuation of the business, but also to assist the less privileged, which includes refugees from Africa, children from Guatemala.

We also provide with agricultural produce for our tourism and social farming visitors, who can join our daily activities at the organic farm to not only to learn agriculture and horticulture but mainly to learn and experience the magic bond that connects every human being to nature.

Here we eat chemical free food and care for our health and well-being. Farming for life means Humanitarian support! We take 15% of all the net income to provide monetary support for disadvantaged children of Guatemala and African refugees working with us at the farm. Kindly see our humanitarian project at or on the Giving Back page of this website. We are extremely privileged to have a comfortable home and our beautiful daughter, Dalia Zoe. We desire a rich life for everyone and continue to endeavor to make this a reality for those who we can assist with employment and humanitarian aid. However and unluckily, there are millions of starving children in the world, so we decided to do our best to support some hundreds in Guatemala, and Cambodia, planning on expanding to other countries in the near future.

Please feel free to PRESS THE DONATION BUTTON and make any contribution to this amazing cause. Living in a stunning region, we offer a number of Eco-Tourism and culinary tourism activities: you can visit our location in Calabria, Italy, be immersed in wild nature while joining us at farming or simply tasting typical organic products. We cater for people who want to get away from the clutter of life in order to share our Green Paradise with us!


Remember to live green as best as you can!

Maria Caterina Vetro (Psychologist, MD), MervinTimmy Reyes
Founders of Green Hero Project